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To stop unintended wildfires from starting and when they do, to extinguish them safely, efficiently and with minimal loss.

Fire and Emergency New Zealand Region 1 - Rural, has the responsibility for managing all Fires in the Rural areas of Northland and specifically the control of vegetation fires. We also carry out fire prevention measures by monitoring the fire danger, declaring fire seasons and issuing fire permits.

The Northland region consists of rural areas with a land area that is over 750,000 square hectares and includes several offshore islands. The boundary of the fire district matches the boundary of Far North District Council, Kaipara Council and Whangarei Council. The area is a mixture of native forest, scrublands, pastoral farming, forestry and residential lifestyle areas, including several coastal communities. Our goal is to reduce the number and consequences of fires in rural areas. To achieve this, we work with a range of organisations that are invested in managing rural fires.

Fires in rural areas can devastate the land and local communities. If you live and work in forested or rural areas, or use these areas for recreation, you need to understand your responsibilities and how to reduce the risk of fire. It is your responsibility – check the website of the region you are in, whether you are living in the area, travelling through or visiting. Apply for permits if they are required from Fire and Emergency New Zealand and have appropriate insurance cover for your activity.

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If you need further advice or help with your permit please make contact with us on the numbers below.
In an emergency please call 111.

Fire and Emergency New Zealand
Region 1, Areas 1 & 2
1B Recreation Road,
Northland, 0405

PO Box 74
Kaikohe, 0440

(09) 401 0723

Phones monitored from 9am to 4pm weekdays.