The current fire danger is

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Current Fire Danger

It is important to ensure you are equipped with the correct information and fire permit for your zone. Read on for a detailed description of our zoning. If you are still unclear on which zone you belong to, or for more information please contact us.

FAR NORTH ZONE 1 | CURRENT FIRE STATUS: Restricted - permit required

The southern boundary of Zone 1 is defined by the northern side of State Highway 10 from Taipa to Awanui.  The western side of state highway 1 between Awanui and Kaitaia, and the Northern and or western side of Kaitaia – Awaroa Road and the northern side of Uwhiroa Stream and the Herekino Harbour.

Restricted Fire Season (permits required).


Zone 2 extends south from Zone 1 to the Far North District Council boundary at Towai.

Open Fire Season.


Northern Rural Fire Authority - Fire Zones